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Cymatics: Physical form from vibrational frequencies

All matter and energy have a “wave” aspect. Subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, and the entire electromagnetic spectrum, including visible light, vibrate at specific frequencies.

The atoms and molecules that comprise our bodies in the form of muscle, bone, tendons, ligaments, and organs have natural frequencies as well. When tissue becomes damaged due to injury, disease, or environmental causes, the natural healthy frequency might become disrupted.

If the correct healthy frequency of an organ, muscle, or other tissue in the body is known in advance, then it should be possible to restore these structures to their healthy vibrational pattern.

This is the goal of Cymatherapy. Cymatherapy International has catalogued the frequencies that make up our bodies including: the immune system, endocrine glands, nervous system, muscle, and bones. Frequencies have also been extrapolated for chakras, hormones, viruses, vitamins, physical and mental conditions, and many elements of the periodic table.

These frequencies are turned into codes which correlate to a combination of five harmonic tones in the safe audible range. These tones can be played back into the body using the Cyma 1000 applicator to restore the correct frequency of the entity or structure being targeted (see photo of the Cyma 1000 and the AMI 750).

A set of static magnets located in the diaphragm of the applicator of the Cyma 1000 pulses at the same frequency as the emitted sound waves in order to increase cellular activity and enhance the effectiveness of the harmonic tones.

The process by which these applied tones bring tissue back into a health frequency is known as rhythmic entrainment. This natural physical process is demonstrated, when for example, two pendulums of equal length are brought into proximity. Soon both will begin swinging in harmony and in unison. In another example, if a particular key on a piano is struck, the corresponding string of a nearby piano may begin to vibrate in harmony.

When the appropriate frequencies are applied to the affected area of the body, a holistic harmonic resonance occurs bringing the tissue and the holistic body into a restored health state.